Graveyards in Ireland To Visit

Are you an Irish history lover? The country boasts exquisite historic sceneries such as graveyards. While they may not be a favourite to many, these places provide heroes and heroines with a decent final resting place. They serve as a memory to the living and show Ireland’s regard for decent send-offs. Let’s take a look at five Irish gravestones that you should visit.

1. Temple Hill Graveyard, Cork

While it may seem a little scary at first, the burial site is the final resting place for famous people such as Henry FitzRoy (Grafton’s first Duke). They were buried after the Siege of Cork that occurred in 1690. It is located in a forested area with the perfect sunset look in the evenings.

2. Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Dublin

Located on Blackhorse Avenue beside Phoenix Park, the cemetery is home to most British military personnel who mainly worked in Ireland. While visiting the Grangegorman military cemetery, you may also visit the Irish National War Memorial Gardens, a walking distance from the site.

3. Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Glasnevin lies at the pinnacle. This graveyard contains the most famous historical figure’s final resting places. Some of these prominent people at the graveyard include Michael Collins and Brendan Behan. While visiting Dublin, you can get a tour of the graveyards and learn more about the cemetery. Even better, there is a museum on-site where you can also visit.

4. Glendalough Monastic Site, Wicklow

Glendalough is among some of the most medieval cities in Ireland. In the early days, most priests settled in the area. Later, the area became a burial site for these priests. Nearby is the Reefert Church that holds the gravesites for most kings and princes from medieval times.

5. Derrynane Abbey, Kerry

Located on Kerry's south west coast, the Derrynane Abbey can be accessed by walking along the beach. The graveyard provides a final resting home to some big names, such as Daniel O’Connell’s wife, Mary. You must visit only during the day as sometimes the tides can be too strong on the island.


The Irish gravestones are memorial areas to the locals. They are huge historical monuments, and besides the functional value of a burial place, they are memorial places for the living. You should take some time and visit these graveyards while in Ireland.

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