Chippings and Pebbles


The final resting place of a loved one can be as personalised as you wish.
Decorative glass chippings for graves can help you customise a loved one's final home.
Grave Maintenance Service offers a range of glass pebbles and stone chippings to use on graves.
We have a selection of beautiful chippings in different colours White quartz,
Scottish granite and black glass gems are some of our popular offerings.


A big advantage of glass and polished stone chippings is that they last a long while. They will survive through the weather changes and keep a grave well-kept. Glass and pebbles are easy to maintain, which ensures you can keep a grave looking good even years later. You can choose coloured pebbles as a tribute to the departed. Whether you prefer that elegant black granite or a stunning aqua green of the sea, we have pebbles and glass chippings in many colours. Contact GMS for decorative grave chippings in Dublin to create a good-looking resting place for your loved one.

Usual requirements:

Stone and glass chippings:

Single Plot: approx 125kg -150kg (5-6 25kg bags)

Double Plot: approx 250kg - 300kg (10-12 25kg bags)

60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Black Pearl Polished Pebbles 20kg
Black Pearl polished pebbles

Usually 5-6 bags required for single grave
55.00 € 55.0 EUR
Black Glass Gems - 15-28mm 25kg Bag
Black glass kidney bean style chippings
Usually 5-6 bags required for single grave
70.00 € 70.0 EUR
White Glass Gems - 15-28mm 25kg Bag
White glass kidney bean style chippings
Usually 5-6 bags required for single grave
80.00 € 80.0 EUR

Stainless Steel & Bronze Inscriptions

We can offer a range of inscriptions and accessories finished in either Stainless Steel or Bronze.

Using these materials offer a permanent no-maintenance option when engraving a headstone.

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