Headstone Inscriptions.

Inscriptions on headstones are a way to commemorate and immortalise the dearly departed. There are many times when a personal touch can be added by placing a certain phrase or image on the surface.

Gravestone inscriptions can be a useful source of family history information.  If many family members are buried in the same grave the inscription will often give information on all that are buried there.  Gravestones may give birth, marriage, and death information.
Sometimes they give more information than the parish burial register or civil certificate of death. Gravestone inscriptions are especially helpful for identifying ancestors who are not recorded in other existing records.

Our team of specialists can advise you on the wording and layout of an inscription as well as other options to give your loved ones the best tribute to their lives possible.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

New Inscriptions

We can add a new inscription to a headstone, keeping it the same as the original font. The inscription is engraved in the headstone and finished with our specially manufactured lettering paint in your preferred colour or 23.5kt Gold Leaf.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Repainting Of Inscriptions

Repainting of the inscription on a headstone using specially manufactured paint. Our paint  is UV protected and hardens in the letter, giving a superior and longer lasting finish.

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Personal Service

Our team offers you a dedicated and

personal service to give your loved ones resting place

the attention it deserves.

Inscription Matching

We will match any inscription so that it

is the same font and size as the original.

We offer computerised and hand carved inscriptions.

Inscription Proofing

There is a saying "Carved in stone" for a reason. 

That's why we will send you a proof layout of the inscription to get your final approval before anything is engraved in the headstone.

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Finance Available

Flexi-Fi Finance available on all inscription orders