The Process Of Setting a Headstone

One of the final processes of creating a memorable grave involves what is known as setting a headstone.

Appreciating the steps involved as well as how long it could take to complete are two important variables to address when planning a memorial service or if you wish to upgrade an existing grave.

So, why might different headstones and environments require specific times to properly set? Let us briefly examine what factors may affect this process.

The Foundations

This is likely to be the most common variable. The foundation of a headstone is essentially a concrete slab that has been poured in order to create a strong supporting base.

The primary purpose of any foundation is to prevent the headstone from sinking into the ground (much like the footing of a building).

Procuring the appropriate foundation is normally the responsibility of the client although some cemeteries may provide additional guidance.

Whether referring to a traditional Irish headstone or a more streamlined variant, the size and depth of the foundation will impact how long the piece will take to ultimately set into place.

Location and Cemetery Regulations

Some other variables should also be mentioned. For instance, certain cemeteries may have restrictions in regards to what types of foundations and headstones are permitted.

The soil composition as well as how long the foundation requires to dry (depending upon location-specific metrics such as humidity and water content) will likewise affect the time required to properly set a headstone.

As this is only a brief overview of what needs to be taken into account, it is likely that you have additional questions which need to be addressed.

So, please take a moment to contact GMS Ireland. One of our representatives will be more than happy to explain the process in greater detail as well as to answer any other queries.

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