What is Raised Lettering Inscription and How it is Done

There are many ways in which you can adorn a headstone with a sense of immortal beauty in order to honour the dearly departed.

While inscriptions have existed in one form or another for thousands of years, the associated technology has also come a long way.

One popular option involves raised lettering. What qualities define this type of inscription and how is one created by professionals?

The Principle Behind Raised Lettering

The main intention of headstone inscriptions is to highlight names, dates, phrases, and similarly important details. Thus, it makes sense that the lettering is slightly raised in relation to the background.

This approach also provides the headstone in question with a three-dimensional appeal. Please note that it can likewise be used to create stunning imagery.

The Actual Creation Process

A template commonly known as a mask is first applied to the associated area of the headstone. This mask will cover the locations which are to remain raised.

Any exposed segments are then sandblasted. This will erode the stone to a certain level. Once the desired effect has been achieved, the mask will be removed.

It is not uncommon to apply a stone sealant to the finished inscription. This will help to protect it from the elements; thus extending the lifespan of the entire headstone.

One of Many Options

Please note that this is only one of the many possible techniques when choosing our headstones. The ultimate goal is to provide you with a means to memorialise a loved one in style.

Our artisans have been vetted to the highest of standards and this is why we are capable of creating a nearly limitless number of inscriptions based around your desires. Please take a few moments to contact us directly so that your options can be discussed in greater detail.

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