What Latin Phrases Are Commonly Put on Headstones

Gravestones have existed in one form or another for millennia. While the inscriptions and languages will naturally vary, their main intention has remained the same.

Headstones are a way to commemorate and immortalise the dearly departed. There are many times when a personal touch can be added by placing a certain phrase or image on the surface.

However, other individuals may wish to display a classical romance language such as Latin.

Let us, therefore, take a look at some popular Latin inscriptions so that you can appreciate what choices are available.

An Ancient Twist on a Modern Memorial

Latin is very popular when used for headstone inscriptions due to the fact that the language itself is naturally flowing and beautiful.


Furthermore, English has roots in Latin and many of the words which are used today can be clearly seen when examining the inscriptions themselves.

Let's therefore list a handful of common phrases which you might find interesting:

  • Semper Desiderari: Missed Forever
  • Memoria De valens vivat tamque vestri: Your Memory Lives On
  • Vocavitque Deus mihi domum ad caelum: God Called Me Home To Heaven
  • "Omnis, qui credit in ipsum, non pereat, sed habeat vitam aeternam". - John 3:15: "Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

Of course, you may also choose ancient takes on modern expressions such as "Me Transmitte Sursum, Caledoni" which roughly translates to "beam me up, Scotty".

A Flavourful and Memorable Touch

Regardless of the Latin expression selected, the main takeaway point is that such a language is able to imbue a headstone with a certain timeless quality.


This is why it is a good idea to perform additional research in order to determine what other possibilities exist.

Also, never forget that Grave Maintenance Service is capable of providing additional options if you hope to truly capture the memory of a loved one. Please contact us to learn more.

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