Celtic Cross Headstones

“The symbolism of the Celtic cross is indicative of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life. The arms of the cross offer four ways to ascension, an invitation to objectively know nature, wisdom, god/goddess, and the self.”

The circles around the intersection of the cross represents unification, totality, wholeness and inclusion.

In the mid-19th century, a Celtic revival led to an increased use of the ringed cross in Ireland, and the Celtic Cross became not only a religious symbol but an emblem of Celtic identity.

The Irish Celtic Cross is a popular site at cemeteries because it's a prominent symbol of Irish culture. Our grey granite Celtic Cross headstones are one of the best-selling designs at GMS. We accentuated the cross with a simple pattern on its edges. It rests on a simple gravestone carved on a classic design. When visiting your loved one, you can place flowers at the side of the gravestone. The appeal of the cemetery headstone is its simple, thin construction. It doesn't take up much space but provides enough to customise the gravestone as you see fit.

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Bespoke Traditional Celtic Styled Headstones

Gaelic verses are common customisation options for Celtic-inspired headstones. If you are observing the culture, a symbolic Gaelic inscription makes sense. However, you can have almost anything put on the gravestone from images to quotes to dedications. Personalising a loved one's last resting place can be challenging. Take the time to find the right words. We handle all types of requests, regardless of how complicated or straightforward they are. Browse some of our headstones for inspiration. We also have grave ornaments that you can add to the finished product.

GMS offers competitive prices for headstones. Get a quote for the gravestone and the engraving. Contact us to order a long-lasting, beautifully carved Irish Celtic Cross headstone.

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