St. Fintan's Cemetery

St. Fintan's Cemetery is located in Sutton, on the south side of Carrickbrack Road in Dublin, Ireland.
It is in two parts: one older, with a ruined keeper's cottage and the remnants of old St. Fintan's Church;
one newer, and actively used, lower down the hill. Just beyond the older portion is the still-flowing, still-visited St. Fintan's Holy Well.
The cemetery is on the hill overlooking the sea and under the care of Fingal County Council.
The oldest burial dates from 1850. Philip Lynott, Irish Rock Star is buried here, as is former Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey,
President Hillery,  Tv presenter Gay Byrne, Writer Michael MacLiamor and businessman Fergal Quinn.

Beautifully Crafted Memorials

Here at Grave Maintenance Service, we know this cemetery like the back of our hand. We care for over 1300 graves in this cemetery.
We are also the leading provider of headstones and lawn markers in St. Fintans Cemetery.

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With over 25 years of experience specifically in St. Fintans cemetery, our team can offer you unparalleled experience and advice in choosing the best memorial for your loved one.


From our materials to our paints and gold leaf,  we have selected only the best for this unique cemetery.

Our headstones are polished, not only where it's visible, but all around. This will help to prevent dampness seeping through the stone from underneath. Our paints are UV protected and hardened, This gives a longer lasting high quality finish. 

One Year Free Maintenance 

We offer you one year grave maintenance completely free of charge with every new headstone,  giving you the peace of mind in knowing that the graves of loved ones are being maintained with dignity and respect for those no longer with us, and comfort for those who remain.

St. Fintans Lawn Slab - Chamfered
Headstone for St. Fintan's Cemetery
36" x 24" x 3"
All inscriptions included (Unlimited lettering)
1,000.00 € 1,000.00 € 1000.0 EUR
St. Fintans Lawn Slab - Plain
Headstone for St. Fintan's Cemetery
36" x 24" x 3"
All inscriptions included (Unlimited lettering)
1,000.00 € 1,000.00 € 1000.0 EUR
1,200.00 € 1,200.00 € 1200.0 EUR

Grave Flower Holders For Each Need

Our high quality flower pots, vases and planters for graves come in different materials, including granite, marble, bronze, concrete and plastic. We design our vases in unique patterns and styles. Look through our product range to see the available options. If you have a special request to honour the loving memory of a deceased one, we will fulfil it. Whether you prefer an intricately patterned vase or a simple style, GMS does it all.

Cemetery Vases That Honour Loved Ones

Invest in a GMS memorial vase that matches your taste in shape, size, and material, enhancing the resting place of your dearly departed. Our grave flower pots, each embodying a blend of quality and style, serve as touching reminders of enduring memories. Choosing our memorial vases for graves allows you to display your floral tributes elegantly and assures you of our commitment to quality and aesthetic refinement.

Always remember, we're here to ensure your loved one's gravesite remains a fitting and beautiful tribute. GMS - your trusted partner in creating lasting memorials. 

Stainless Steel & Bronze Inscriptions

We can offer a range of inscriptions and accessories finished in either Stainless Steel or Bronze.

Using these materials offer a permanent no-maintenance option when engraving a headstone.

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