Vases and Planters

Leaving flowers on a loved one's grave is a common practice. Flower holders for graves provide a nice place to keep those flowers whenever you visit. With a nice vase, you can prevent flowers from scattering all over the surface. You can also ensure that flowers stay fresher for longer by filling the container with water. GMS carry a range of beautiful grave vases to meet the diverse needs of our customers. You can get a freestanding vase or two to place on the sides of a headstone. Alternatively, you can have grave vases built into grave markers if they are the flat types.  


Our high quality flower pots, vases and planters for graves come in in different materials, including granite, marble, bronze, concrete and plastic. We design our vases in unique patterns and styles. Look through our product range to see the available options. If you have a special request to honour the loving memory of a deceased one, we will fulfil it. Whether you prefer an intricately patterned vase or a simple style, GMS does it all. 

Order a memorial vase at GMS in your preferred shape, size and material to decorate the grave of a loved one.

PS-B04 - Granite Vase Diamond Bowl 25cm
240.00 € 240.00 € 240.0 EUR
Granite vase with a plastic insert.
Comes in different granite colours, please select from the drop-down menu.
PS-B04 - Granite Vase Diamond Bowl 20cm
220.00 € 220.00 € 220.0 EUR
Granite vase with a plastic insert.
Black Plastic Flower Pot
6.00 € 6.00 € 6.0 EUR
Black flower vase insert.
Size 15x9cm

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